How to run it locally?

Clone the repo and then run:

					npm install
npm start

Try out the examples at http://localhost:8080/examples

How to use it in your project?

You can use it through npm (the preferred way) or download a bundle from our github release page.

With npm

In your project:

					npm install --save itowns

This package contains the ES5-compatible sources of iTowns, up to date with the latest release.

If you’re using a module bundler (like wepback), you can directly write require('itowns') in your code.

Alternatively, we provide a bundle you can directly include in your html files that exposes itowns in window:

					<script src="node_modules/itowns/dist/itowns.js"></script>

Please note that this bundle also contains the dependencies.

From a release bundle

See our release page. Note that there isn’t a lot of support for older version of iTowns, we highly recommand to use the last release everytime.

Try modifications before they are released

If you want to try some features or bug fixes that are planned for the next release, we provide a @next version of itowns. You can install it as such :

					npm install --save itowns@next

To switch back to the version to date with the latest release, you need to run :

					npm install --save itowns@latest